Risk Aware.  Broad.  Disciplined.  Focused.


Our Money Management Approach

The overall objective for all ITS-managed strategies is to generate sustainable long-term returns on capital through a deliberate approach to managing downside risk and volatility.  

Disciplined Process.  We employ technical, fundamental, and geopolitical analysis.  We are data and facts driven, constantly seeking to reconcile the ever-changing relationship between risk and reward.

Long-Term Focus.  We recognize the cyclicality and behavioral biases of the markets and are willing to accept periods of up-side underperformance in exchange for meeting our long-term investment goals.

Risk Aware.  We strive to embody the safety-first approach to investing.  While we cannot eliminate risk or avoid all losses, we seek to mitigate them by constantly holding the need to protect and preserve capital at the forefront of our thought process. 

Broad Mandate.  We can invest across the capital structure—asset classes, styles, market caps, sectors, geographies, and more.  We are willing to hold cash.