ITS Asset ManagemENT, L.P.

Helping Investors Diversify Differently Since 1970


ITS Asset Management, L.P. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor offering portfolio management services for market-oriented investors who seek diversification of a different kind. We have experience applying active risk management techniques over multiple decades spanning a variety of economic and market cycles. Combined with our unique investment philosophy and money management approach, ITS represents a source of diversification that goes beyond the traditional asset allocation approach.



Capital Preservation First, Capital Growth Next.


Our Founding Philosophy

Capital Preservation First, Capital Growth Next.

The gains needed to recover from a market loss scenario increase exponentially as losses increase along the 1% to 100% scale. Therefore, the greater the loss incurred, the greater the risk that must be taken to get back to levels of profitability and growth. By mitigating the larger losses generally associated with bear markets, less risk can be assumed to achieve performance comparable to that of the broad market, resulting in reduced downside volatility and emotional strain over the long-term. 



Risk Aware.  Broad.  Disciplined.  Focused.


Our Money Management Approach

The overall objective for all ITS-managed strategies is to generate sustainable long-term returns on capital through a deliberate approach to managing downside risk and volatility.  

Disciplined Process.  We employ technical, fundamental, and geopolitical analysis.  We are data and facts driven, constantly seeking to reconcile the ever-changing relationship between risk and reward.

Long-Term Focus.  We recognize the cyclicality and behavioral biases of the markets and are willing to accept periods of up-side underperformance in exchange for meeting our long-term investment goals.

Risk Aware.  We strive to embody the safety-first approach to investing.  While we cannot eliminate risk or avoid all losses, we seek to mitigate them by constantly holding the need to protect and preserve capital at the forefront of our thought process. 

Broad Mandate.  We can invest across the capital structure—asset classes, styles, market caps, sectors, geographies, and more.  We are willing to hold cash.


/ The ITS Story /

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.


ITS was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1970 and has been operating as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor since 1971. The firm began as a timer of mutual fund accounts, working with independent financial advisors and their clients to move to cash in an effort to minimize losses in downturns. ITS later evolved to managing multi-fund and multi-class strategies, as the quantity and quality of mutual fund choices began to grow.

Today, ITS offers a comprehensive line-up of fully turn-key actively managed asset allocation strategies covering a broad range of investment classes. Our managed strategies are available at a number of custodial and strategist platforms. We manage a wide range of accounts, from brokerage-style accounts for individuals, joint tenants, trusts, entities, and other associations, to tax-advantaged accounts like IRA's, Rollovers, ERISA plans, and Variable Annuities.

As we move toward the future, ITS is focused on going beyond typical Third-Party Money Manager and TAMP use-case scenarios, as we seek to become a fully integrated component in next-generation portfolio construction processes. We are working in full support of the universal fiduciary movement, as we seek to help financial advisors, financial planners, and other financial professionals deliver more sustainable solutions for investors of all kinds.